C.P.C. Flevo

The Cooperative Furred Animal Holders Central Flevo is specialized in the production of furred animal nutrition for the Dutch, Belgian and Polish market. Annually 135.000 tons of furred animal nutrition leaves our production facility in Putten. In addition, we also provide in frozen raw materials and semi-manufactured goods for the pet food industry. Flevo is one of the largest plants for furred animal nutrition in the world.

Our challenge is to provide in safe and top quality food at the right value for money. For over fifty years already, we have been dedicated to accomplish this challenge daily. Given the results, we provide a fair job. Our activities do not limit to just supplying quality nutrition. If desired, Flevo also provides advice and education to optimize the business of our clients.

”Innovate , advise and provide service”


”Reliability , safety and quality”


”Focused on delivering quality food”